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Why gratitude builds fortitude

  • S3E56
  • 1:07:05
  • February 7th 2022

If I could persuade everyone to adopt just one habit, it would be a daily gratitude practice. It's no exaggeration to say that this is a practice that transform's people lives on every level.

This week's episode is a deeply uplifting conversation with the inspirational Holly Bertone. Holly lives and breathes gratitude. She discovered its power after she was hit by a double whammy of chronic diseases which took her from over-achieving high-performer to bed-ridden and unable to function.

Whatever challenges you are currently facing in life, this conversation will empower you to start reaping the remarkable benefits of gratitude. The research is unequivocal: gratitude transforms our emotional health, helps us to recover from past traumas, builds our resilience and improves our physical health too.

Holly's approach is gentle and kind: she shows you how to start to build gratitude into your life, no matter how difficult that might seem. We share lots of very personal, real-life anecdotes - and also discuss how gratitude helps children to thrive and boost their self-esteem.

Holly is a best-selling author, sought-after speaker and gratitude coach. As a breast cancer and autoimmune survivor, she helps women to view their chronic illness as a gift and to unwrap their resilience.

Holly spent 25 years rising through the ranks of consulting and federal government service before her failing health shattered her corporate dreams. Since then, she has leaned into her path of true purpose and fulfillment, as the President and CEO of Pink Fortitude and founder of Fortitude.Academy.

Holly is a Project Management Professional and holds a Masters Degree from Johns Hopkins University. She is also a Certified Natural Health Professional.

Find out more about Holly's work and take her gratitude quiz here:


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