Why REST and PLEASURE are core to being a woman artwork
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Why REST and PLEASURE are core to being a woman

  • S3E48
  • 1:23:21
  • October 18th 2021

I learnt so much about what it means to be a woman in this conversation with Sally Beaton. I just wish I'd learnt this when I was 15 rather than 50!

Have a listen to Sally's wisdom on the meaning and power of the monthly cycles in a woman's life; why we are programmed to have regular rest; why we are NOT hormonal messes; why we are our own best doctors...and so much more. I promise that you'll think very differently about your right to everyday pleasures after listening to this!

This really is one of the most life-changing conversations I've had and I regularly replay Sally's words in my head.

Sally is the founder of Women With Sparkle. She's a women’s holistic nutritionist, a coach, a speaker and the author of ‘Get Your Sparkle Back’.

Sally coaches women all over the world to reach their full potential. She believes that every woman deserves to live with health, confidence, passion and purpose. Sally works with women struggling with their hormones, health or happiness and helps them to get back their inner and outer sparkle so they can truly shine in business and in life.

You can find a video version of this conversation here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3hIDWatbVCc

You can find out more about Sally here: https://www.womenwithsparkle.com/

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