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Midlife Illuminated

Why we need to press PAUSE

  • S4E70
  • 18:25
  • January 26th 2023

Do you feel like there aren't enough hours in the day? That you don't have a minute for yourself? That you just don't have the time to look after yourself?

I know that feeling well. In fact, I share an excruciatingly embarrasingly incident in this episode that illustrates this (very graphically)!

You'll also hear me giving you pointers on how you can find your own pause to restore calm and balance to your life.

I hope this episode gives you permission to press the pause button. If you'd like help with that, I invite you to join me at Peppermint Pause (previously called Midlife Monthly) - a sanctuary for stressed-out women to feel calmer and more positive about themselves.

You can find all the details and book your place here.


If you'd like to learn my top 5 simple, quick self-calming practices, check out my free 5 Days to Calm programme. You can access it for free by downloading my Wellness Unwrapped app which you can find on the App Store or Google Play (or via my website)


You can also find me here:





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