Why we need to put ourselves first artwork
Midlife Illuminated

Why we need to put ourselves first

  • S2E32
  • 57:53
  • January 11th 2021

Have you ever thought of yourself as a leader? Well, this super-juicy chat with Terri Creeden will make you think differently!

Terri is exceptionally wise - and also unsparingly honest about how she recently "cracked" when she neglected her own self-care.

She explains how - although we may not see ourselves as having a leadership role - we are actually all leaders in our own homes. She shares how essential it is that we engage in self-care so that we have the capacity to help our family members to fulfill their own potential in life.

Terri is a certified executive coach, trainer and facilitator. Her most passionate work is in the areas of personal presence, self-worth and authenticity. She believes in embracing slowness in our lives and living and leading with courage.

She co-founded Grounded Parents Group with Sanela Lukanovic as an act of rebellion, after seeing how difficult it is for parents to find a space for their own self-development.

Their approach is less about knowing the latest tricks and tips of how to parent, and much more about self-awareness and developing confidence and connection to our own inner wisdom and strength. They lead transformational online programmes based on the powerful research of Dr. Brené Brown - to help you be the parent you always wanted to be.

I loved this chat so much and I think you will too. Let me know what you think!

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