Allison Stanton of Healthy Meals Supreme – Mom Journey – Monday
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Allison Stanton of Healthy Meals Supreme – Mom Journey – Monday
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Allowing babies to take in the world around them, the fiery relationship of sisters, starting with a new company you believe in, putting your baby in day care early, the challenge of going from wife to mother, the need for money vs. wanting your kids to know you, and leprechaun traps.  Allison Stanton, Director Operations for Healthy Meals Supreme, shares her mom journey with Michelle Park and guest host Sophie Elgort. (Instagram: @healthymealssupreme) In this episode:

  • Michelle on having two kids, and how the baby gets dragged around to things the older one wants to do, how it is fun to see her take things in, bring babies out, they can absorb things around them
  • How, until you have your own girls, you don’t know how much they are friends one minute, enemies the next
  • Working for a new company for the last year, having been in the toy industry for about ten years behind the scenes
  • Being a working mom, and how Allison didn’t take time and was home just 3 months after birth
  • Having a sitter during the day, and Allison’s mother in the evenings as needed
  • Why Allison’s second baby was into day care at 3 months and why she’s OK with it
  • Transitioning from being a wife to being a mother
  • How having a kid brings you back to square one
  • The difference of having kids that are your own without guidance and trying to keep them alive and healthy is such a challenge
  • Feeling like you’ll never be able to tackle life again, balance things
  • The horrible staining power of avocado!
  • Being honest on social media about how hard it is, instead if being inauthentic
  • How having two kids close together changed Allison’s career path, 
  • Reconciling the need for money and survival with wanting kids to know her
  • Trading the corner office for working from home
  • “Leprechaun traps”

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