Celebrity Hairstylist Mia Santiago – Mom Journey – Monday
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Celebrity Hairstylist Mia Santiago – Mom Journey – Monday
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Great moms are everywhere, not being ready for a baby because of career goals, how letting go and prayer led to a pregnancy, why having a baby can drive a career instead of limiting it, working with Oprah, and when a great support system can empower you. Celebrity Hairstylist Mia Santiago shares her mom journey with Stacy Igel. (Instagram: @miasantiagohair) In this episode:

  • Meeting great moms in unexpected places
  • Mia on dragging her feet to have a baby because of career
  • Letting go and praying allowed Mia to get pregnant fast
  • How having a child has actually driven her career forward, not held her back——she is connecting with women about kids even more
  • A new gig as guest speaker for Oprah’s cruises
  • How having a support system allows her to travel and pursue opportunities, knowing she’s doing the best for her family

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