Claudine DeSola – Mom Journey – Monday
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Claudine DeSola – Mom Journey – Monday
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A difficult journey of fertility treatments and the blessing of support groups, trying for a natural birth, and when the anesthesiologist becomes the photographer.  Claudine DeSola, Experiential & Influencer Marketing Director, founder of Caravan Stylist Studio, and a cofounder of clothing brand LIVARI, shares her mom journey with Stacy Igel and Michelle Park. In this episode:

  • Claudine on exploring  fertility treatments, more than five rounds of IVF and other treatments before it took
  • Trying many approaches, including natural, acupuncture, cleanses, etc. —  tried everything, did a lot of research
  • When Claudine wondered whether going away and going through it work better
  • The trouble with being in a bubble of stress, and the expense
  • What kept her moving
  • More resources to help women including veterans with these issues
  • A group called Resolve, and other support groups
  • Bringing together small gatherings to be able to share ideas and offer support was the best things she did, kept her positive
  • Helped to open up and take in love from those around her
  • The birth – how she tried for natural birth for more than 10 hours
  • When the anesthesiologist became the photographer

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