Claudine DeSola - Moments and Aspirations - Thursday
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Claudine DeSola - Moments and Aspirations - Thursday
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Capturing moments in pictures, how #MOMSGOTTHIS has become a comfort for Claudine, too much stuff, valuing experiences, work-life balance, goals of travel and home-schooling, and a focus on patience. Claudine DeSola, Experiential & Influencer Marketing Director, founder of Caravan Stylist Studio, and a cofounder of clothing brand LIVARI, shares her mom moments and aspirations with Stacy Igel and Michelle Park.

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In this episode:

  • In the first three months, and taking so many pictures

  • Qeepsake (an easy way to capture and preserve memories about your child or pregnancy)

  • Listening to the podcast good therapy, part of her journey

  • Too much stuff

  • The value of experiences, paying attention to the world around you

  • Seeking work-life balance, more travel

  • Travel---and home schooling in the future?

  • Trying to be more patient

  • Creating a home that her child can enjoy growing into

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