Claudine DeSola – Products and Solutions – Wednesday
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Claudine DeSola – Products and Solutions – Wednesday
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Ectopic pregnancy, the need for blood tests to check for a blood clotting issue that can affect pregnancies, up-cycling clothing, and the Doona car seat. Claudine DeSola, Experiential & Influencer Marketing Director, founder of Caravan Stylist Studio, and a cofounder of clothing brand LIVARI, shares her mom products and solutions with Stacy Igel and Michelle Park. In this episode:

  • Ectopic pregnancy and resulting surgery
  • Finding out pregnant
  • And then discovering an autoimmune condition and a blood clotting disorder
  • Ask for a test of all hemoglobins, a full blood test, because certain conditions  they can cause a miscarriage
  • Baby aspirin
  • Up-cycling a lot of clothing for Claudine’s relatives
  • Did so much research on strollers, car seats etc
  • The Doona car seat that fits into a stroller

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