Claudine DeSola – Routines and Relationships – Tuesday
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Claudine DeSola – Routines and Relationships – Tuesday
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Post-childbirth hair loss, iron deficiency, being an entrepreneur with a baby, helping influencers test products, prioritizing kids over business relationships, when mom lives with you, and the power of saying “no”. Claudine DeSola, Experiential & Influencer Marketing Director, founder of Caravan Stylist Studio, and a cofounder of clothing brand LIVARI, shares her mom routines and relationships with Stacy Igel and Michelle Park. In this episode:

  • Michelle on walking her daughter  to school, discovering she sings songs with her husband
  • Losing your hair after childbirth, and solutions
  • Vitamin and iron deficiency
  • A busy life with baby – still being an entrepreneur ,still have to make things happen
  • Caravan Stylist Studio – helping influencers test products, curate experience of the studio
  • Relationships – having/wanting to put son first over other relationships
  • The great support of Claudine’s husband
  • Having mom in the home
  • The power of saying no

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