DJ Hesta Prynn – Mom Journey – Monday
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DJ Hesta Prynn – Mom Journey – Monday
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Mothering while traveling for work, avoiding kid-themed places, work-life balance, mom support groups, and bonding with music.  Julie Potash (a.k.a. DJ Hesta Prynn) shares her mom journey with Stacy Igel and Sophie Elgort. (Instagram: @hestaprynnmusic) In this episode:

  • Managing motherhood when you have a career that involves a lot of traveling and working at night
  • Raising children but avoiding kid-themed restaurants and museums
  • Learning how to balance a social life and your own desires along with raising a child
  • How Julie found the support groups she needed to embrace motherhood
  • The way Julie used music to bond with her daughter 
  • Julie’s #MOMSGOTTHIS moment, and what she does to help her daughter prepare for all of the traveling necessary for her career

To share your #MOMSGOTTHIS MOMENT just call 833-844-THIS-MOM (833-844-7666) and leave a voicemail with your first name and city along with your moment.

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