Grammy Nominee Lucy Kalantari – Moments and Aspirations – Thursday
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Grammy Nominee Lucy Kalantari – Moments and Aspirations – Thursday
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Growing a music career, being in the spotlight vs. a quiet life at home, living life and inspiring with your heart, spontaneity and flexibility, the joy of performing with your child, keeping a child involved in your creative life, and another live song. Singer/songwriter and Grammy Nominee Lucy Kalantari shares her mom moments and aspirations with Stacy Igel. (Instagram: @lucytoon) In this episode:

  • Lucy’s aspirations and goals for her career as a musician and for her son who is a budding cellist
  • The spotlight vs. staying home, but doing either with your heart instead if following a path you think you have to
  • Spontaneity and flexibility is a must
  • The joy of Lucy performing with her son
  • Witnessing your child becoming a full human being
  • How Lucy keeps her son involved in her creative life
  • One last song from Lucy!

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