Janine Territo of Take the Cake - Mom Journey - Monday
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Janine Territo of Take the Cake - Mom Journey - Monday
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Birthday parties for needy kids, the dynamics of a blended family, how a nonprofit cause can inspire your own kids, and when your kids work as a team. Janine Territo, Co-founder of Take the Cake, shares her mom journey with Michelle Park and guest host Sophie Elgort.

In this episode:

  • Sophie shares a story about bringing her daughter to whole foods, her 13 month old’s friendliness disarming some closed off New Yorkers.
  • Janine talks about her nonprofit Take The Cake, how every kid deserves a birthday party.
  • We hear about Janine’s ‘blended family’ of six kids, with some of her kids now even helping with work at the nonprofit, and the difficulty of starting it with kids, when they were a bit younger and she was a stay at home mom. At the time she was busy, but more the kind of busy that depletes, and she was looking to find something that made her the kind of busy that energizes.
  • Janine talks partnering up with her current business partner.
  • The nonprofit being a good growth experience for Janine’s own kids, and if there are opportunities for her kids to become even more involved - bookkeeping, social media, etc.
  • MGT moment: feeling like ‘i got this’ when the kids are working as a team to prep dinner, and happy moments watching the kids interact with each other.
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