Jennifer Maanavi – Mom Journey – Monday
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Jennifer Maanavi – Mom Journey – Monday
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From Wall Street to fitness, being attentive to kids and a bicoastal business, and how delegation allows mom to be home for dinner nightly. Physique 57 CEO and co-founder Jennifer Maanavi shares her mom journey with Stacy Igel and Michelle Park. (Instagram: @jennifermaanavip57) In this episode:

  • Jennifer shares how she made the shift from working on Wall Street and being unhappy with the work/life balance as a new mom towards starting her own barre class studio after her old workout spot closed
  • How Jennifer met her business partner, Tanya Becker, by trying to buy her old gym’s space
  • Starting a business with someone you’re only known for about an hour
  • How Jennifer found ways to dedicate herself to her new gym Physique 57 and to be present in her children’s lives, and how she gives that same flexibility to her employees
  • Finding a balance again when Jennifer had her second child and third children as Physique 57 became bicoastal and then international 
  • How delegating responsibility has become an important factor in how Jennifer has maintained a steadily growing business and managed to be home every night with her family
  • Plus, Jennifer’s #MOMSGOTTHIS moment!

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