Jennifer Maanavi – Moments and Aspirations – Thursday
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Jennifer Maanavi – Moments and Aspirations – Thursday
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Allowing kids to find their own paths, why “bored” doesn’t work, accountability for kids, creating a positive and healthy work environment, leaving body-shaming behind, and a new fitness app. Physique 57 CEO and co-founder Jennifer Maanavi shares her mom moments and aspirations with Stacy Igel and Michelle Park. (Instagram: @jennifermaanavip57) Presented by Keepsake Frames. Print, frame your photos easily and fast from your phone – handmade in the USA and delivered with free shipping. Use discount code #MOMSGOTTHIS at www.keepsakeframes.com for 30 percent off first order. In this episode:

  • Michelle checks in with Madeline’s gymnastic classes, and on when to let her daughter find her own path
  • Why Stacy doesn’t let “bored” enter her family’s vocabulary
  • Jennifer shares some ways she’s tried to make her son more accountable for things, and how the way her life and career have gone have led to her letting her children find their own trajectories and to be forward thinking, rather than trying to become doctors or lawyers
  • Jennifer’s goals for Physique 57 to become a safe and healthy environment for women to work out and be comfortable and proud of their bodies
  • Physique 57’s mission to bring female empowerment around the world by opening locations in Saudi Arabia, Bangkok, Manilla, and Mumbai
  • The learned experiences of starting gyms around the world where the motivations and average size of clients is different than in America
  • The move away form the body-shaming-as-motivation mentality to a more holistic mission
  • The new Physique 57 app, where you can stream routines at home or on vacation

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