Jennifer Maanavi – Products and Solutions – Wednesday
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Jennifer Maanavi – Products and Solutions – Wednesday
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Personal shopping services, keeping kids occupied, a screen time app, learning about wellness, sharing, gifting and tidying, and how donating beats throwing things out. Physique 57 CEO and co-founder Jennifer Maanavi shares her mom products and services with Stacy Igel and Michelle Park. (Instagram: @jennifermaanavip57) In this episode:

  • Stacy fills Jennifer in on Jet Black, the text-based personal shopping service for busy moms on the go, and how it helped Stacy get back into baking
  • Legos, Slime, Tik Tok, history channels on YouTube, and all the things that keep Jennifer’s kids occupied
  • How the Screen Time app is helpful for parents for tracking their kids app usage, and how it revealed how much eldest son talks on the phone like it’s 1980
  • What working in the  fitness industry has taught Jennifer about wellness in all of its facets
  • How Jennifer breaks wellness down into physical wellness, mental wellness, emotional wellness, and spiritual wellness
  • How sharing, gifting, and tidying (thanks to Marie Kondo) play into Jennifer’s mental and spiritual wellness
  • Why giving old clothes or unwanted hair products to coworkers or donation services is so much more rewarding that throwing things out

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