Jennifer Maanavi – Routines and Relationships – Tuesday
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Jennifer Maanavi – Routines and Relationships – Tuesday
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Living in Manhattan, innovative carpooling, how tech and apps make complex scheduling possible, how it takes a village, and staying creative and current on information. Physique 57 CEO and co-founder Jennifer Maanavi shares her mom routines and relationships with Stacy Igel and Michelle Park. (Instagram: @jennifermaanavip57) In this episode:

  • Why Jennifer could never leave Manhattan, with three children all in different schools
  • A convenient carpooling system Jennifer and some other parents devised
  • How technology and app management has made it easy for Jennifer to send her kids to schools that fit their needs
  • Why it takes a village, multiple babysitters, a full time nanny, and a very present father to raise three kids while running a thriving company
  • How Jennifer sparks creativity and stays current by taking whatever time available to listen and learn, whether it’s through podcasts or Ted Talks or the Pocket app, which reads text articles 

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