Joanna Parker of Yumble – Mom Journey – Monday
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Joanna Parker of Yumble – Mom Journey – Monday
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Starting a meal delivery service for kids, solving the stress of cooking for kids daily, the value of working every position of a company, having more than two kids, the Shark Tank experience, moving from stay-at-home mom to entrepreneur, having a different relationships with each kid, feeling guilty of spending less time with the youngest, craving out weekends with the kids. Joanna Parker, Co-founder of Yumble shares her mom journey with Stacy Igel and Michelle Park. (Instagram:@yumblekids and @joannasparker) In this episode:

  • Stacy is learning guitar together with her son in classes and created her own song
  • Joanna’s 3 kids (a son who is 8 and girls 4 and 6 )
  • How Yumble started three years ago and cut a trip short when Joanna’s phone blew up with messages
  • Discovering Yumble had an immediate wait list
  • The stress of cooking meals every day for kids
  • Joanna was originally cooking it all and storing the food in her refrigerator, then hiding all of it from her kids
  • Doing every position in the company, and working with her entrepreneurial husband
  • Now Joanna has a whole team
  • The challenge of having more than 2 kids
  • How Joanna was a teacher, had day-care at school, so it was easier for her son
  • Being on Shark Tank and how it affected the family
  • Moving from a stay-at-home mom to an entrepreneur
  • Having a different relationship with each kid
  • Guilt for spending less time with a younger kid because your a working more than when you had the first kid
  • Spending Friday-Sunday totally with her kids

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