Joanna Parker of Yumble – Products and Solutions – Wednesday
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Joanna Parker of Yumble – Products and Solutions – Wednesday
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Charts for rewarding positive behavior, planning the week with your kids, menu planning, self-care, leading healthy lives by example, Saturday as a family day, and putting down the phone.  Joanna Parker, Co-founder of Yumble shares her mom products and solutions with Stacy Igel and Michelle Park. (Instagram:@yumblekids and @joannasparker) In this episode:

  • A chart for behavior and tasks
  • A year and a half into the business from conception
  • Charts important and a crucial part for kids across ages
  • Sending charts with each box
  • The goal of the chart is to make kids feel good about themselves
  • Sundays menu planning, planning out the week together
  • Tying an allowance to the star chart
  • Making time for yourself, self care, and being healthy
  • Displaying to children about a healthy life
  • Ties into Yumble’s mission to make kids eat healthier
  • Getting sleep while being up early
  • Saturday a family day—phone stays upstairs the whole day on Saturday
  • When kids tell Joanna to not look at phone when talking to them

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