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Kristen Glosserman – Mom Journey – Monday

  • 16:43
  • February 18th 2019

Teaching morals min everyday examples, a family tragedy sets a vision, building a restaurant business while raising four kids, learning from being a life coach. Kristen Glosserman, life coach and partner in Hill Country Food Park in Brooklyn, NY shares her mom journey with Stacy Igel and Michelle Park. (Instagram: @kristenglosserman) In this episode:

  • Setting moral examples in everyday moments with your children
  • How a family tragedy set Kristen’s vision of her future as someone with a big family
  • How Kristen met her husband, business partner and owner of Hill Country Barbecue Market
  • Running a restaurant and having to work nights while raising four kids
  • The path that led to Kristen starting a new career as a life coach, and how that informs her family life and parenting style
  • The ways Kristen’s kids have learned from her coaching techniques and even apply them back at Kristen and her husband
  • Plus, Kristen’s #MOMSGOTTHIS moment!

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