Kristen Glosserman – Moments and Aspirations – Thursday
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Kristen Glosserman – Moments and Aspirations – Thursday
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Assuring special moments with kids for both parents, work-life balance, thew challenge of vacationing with four kids, life coaching, and keeping kids open to new experiences. Kristen Glosserman, life coach and partner in Hill Country Food Park in Brooklyn, NY shares her mom moments and aspirations with Stacy Igel and Michelle Park. (Instagram: @kristenglosserman) Presented by Keepsake Frames. Print, frame your photos easily and fast from your phone – handmade in the USA and delivered with free shipping. Use discount code #MOMSGOTTHIS at www.keepsakeframes.com for 30 percent off first order. In this episode:

  • Making sure there are opportunities for both a mother and father to have special moments with their kids
  • How Kristen and her husband balance entrepreneurial pursuits and still make sure they are building memories with their kids
  • The daunting task of traveling and vacationing with four kids, and what Kristen does to make it possible
  • Kristen’s aspirations for her life coaching career, for the business she runs with her husband, and how she keeps her children open to new experiences and opportunities

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