Kristen Glosserman – Products and Solutions – Wednesday
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Kristen Glosserman – Products and Solutions – Wednesday
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A great potty training solution, cheap ways to keep kids creative and active in the home, when to enforce rules and when family time is the priority. Kristen Glosserman, life coach and partner in Hill Country Food Park in Brooklyn, NY shares her mom products and solutions with Stacy Igel and Michelle Park. (Instagram: @kristenglosserman) In this episode:

  • Michelle shares a product solution perfect for any mom with a potty trained kid on the go
  • Kristen shares some cheap ways to keep your kids creative 
  • Why Kristen takes a more “home school” approach with how she keeps her kids active at home
  • An easy way to keep a whole family with four kids engaged in the same activity
  • Knowing when to be rigid with rules and routines and when to loosen up when it makes for special family time

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