Kristen Glosserman – Routines and Relationships – Tuesday
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Kristen Glosserman – Routines and Relationships – Tuesday
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Routines that are rigid and flexible and work for kids and spouse alike, keeping a restaurant feeling like a family business, and when kids are involved in that family business. Kristen Glosserman, life coach and partner in Hill Country Food Park in Brooklyn, NY shares her mom routines and relationships with Stacy Igel and Michelle Park. (Instagram: @kristenglosserman) In this episode:

  • The routines that help Kristen get through the day bringing up 4 children
  • The importance of keeping routines and rituals rigid, but still flexible enough to adapt to the things that ultimately come up in our lives
  • Making routines not only with and for your children, but with your partner as well
  • Positive discipline, and how it changed how Kristen parents
  • How Kristen and her husband keep Hill Country feeling like a family business even as it grows to four locations
  • The dynamic between Kristen’s four kids and how they get involved in the restaurants

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