Lyss Stern of Diva Moms – Mom Journey – Monday
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Lyss Stern of Diva Moms – Mom Journey – Monday
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When your 40th birthday gift is a birth, avoiding Fortnite, creating a company for moms, a look at balance and brain fog, leaning from mistakes in business, being present with your kids, and doing what you have to in an emergency to take care of your family. Lyss Stern, Founder of Diva Moms and author of “Motherhood Is a B#tch”, shares her mom journey with Michelle Park and guest host Lily-Hayes Kaufman-Salzberg. (Instagram:@diva_moms ) In this episode:

  • The joy of seeing kids noticing each other
  • Lyss’ two sons (15 yr old 11 yr old) and daughter( 5 yr old) who was a surprise
  • How Lyss’ 40th birthday gift was her daughter
  • Getting kids off Fortnite
  • Creating Diva Moms –  after a strange mom luncheon, and having an epiphany to do something for moms
  • Companies hireDiva Moms to throw events for them
  • Lyss on not knowing the definition of balance
  • Taking time for yourself to just breathe
  • Getting past brain fog
  • Learning from mistakes in building a business, and how Lyss did it even though she never went to business school
  • Being more present, and working on a scripted comedy TV show, and social media and kindness project
  • How it is hard to be a parent today—needing to spend more time talking with kids about social media and bullying
  • Mentoring about today’s world and topics, and teaching acceptance
  • When with her kids, Lyss’ phone is in the bag
  • And an incredible story about a fire, doing what you have to do to take care of your family, and staying in control

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