Matrimonial Attorney Elysa Greenblatt – Moments and Aspirations – Thursday
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Matrimonial Attorney Elysa Greenblatt – Moments and Aspirations – Thursday
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Taking many pictures, a bulletin board with 100 photos, playing “I Spy” at dinner, growing a law practice, raising kids who are kind and have good values. Matrimonial Attorney Elysa Greenblatt (Greenblatt Law, LLC) shares her mom moments and aspirations with Stacy Igel and Michelle Park. (Instagram: @greenblattlawllc) Presented by Keepsake Frames. Print, frame your photos easily and fast from your phone – handmade in the USA and delivered with free shipping. Use discount code #MOMSGOTTHIS at www.keepsakeframes.com for 30 percent off first order. In this episode:

  • Taking so many pictures
  • A bulletin board in the dining room that holds around 100 square photos, and printing photos from same time a year before
  • The family has dinner together, playing “I Spy” with the photos at times
  • Hiring another person this year to grow Elysa’s law practice
  • Making sure kids are growing up kind and with good values so their futures involve that
  • The stress of having two working parents vs. showing them good things such as working mom, doing things for the community, and giving them a good model on how to live your life and be a good person

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