Meaghan Murphy of Good Housekeeping - Mom Journey - Monday
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Meaghan Murphy of Good Housekeeping - Mom Journey - Monday
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An incredible career following one's heart in service journalism, when your kids are toy testers, how it gets tougher but more rewarding as kids get older, a house that is part classroom and part party, and when karma delivers love and support back to you in a rough time. Meaghan Murphy, Executive Editor of Good Housekeeping Magazine, shares her mom journey with Stacy Igel and Michelle Park. (Instagram: @meaghanbmurphy)

  • Dylan pre-k experience, spelling, writing name
  • An incredible career path - how Meaghan started in magazines at 18, won an essay contest writing about adversity, then from YM Magazine to Teen People to MTV to Delia's to Victoria's Secret, then Hearst then Cosmo, then Self Magazine, fitness expert, an acting background, then Good Housekeeping!
  • No career path or goals—just following her heart
  • Having three kids
  • Trying so many things she learns through her service journalism
  • How Meaghan's kids are toy testers
  • Balancing everything when they are younger, it gets crazier as they get older, schedules, bullying, anxiety, homework
  • More challenging but more rewarding
  • Conversations with her little people
  • A house always feel like part classroom, part party
  • When she was sick, receiving so much love and support, and all the love and giving she does coming back to her
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