Sabina HItchen – Products and Solutions – Wednesday
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Sabina HItchen – Products and Solutions – Wednesday
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Why UGGS may be a dressing-your-child solution, feeding your brain with podcasts, a business owner with baby, why giving up control of business to a team can make you more money, an app for communicating with a team, and date night at the store? Sabina Hitchen of Press for Success and Sabina Knows shares her mom products and solutions with Stacy Igel and Michelle Park. (Instagram:@sabinaknows ) In this episode:

  • The process of dressing your child
  • UGGS are so helpful 
  • Podcasts that feed her brain s a working mom, being inspired
  • BOWB
  • Letting go of control of everything in your business, expanding the team allowed to make more money
  • Trello app for project and communication with team
  • A date night to Carters?

In this episode:

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