Sabina HItchen – Routines and Relationships – Tuesday
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Sabina HItchen – Routines and Relationships – Tuesday
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Keeping busy, learning ukulele, allowing things to work themselves out, a supportive husband, why technology might be a gift to moms, and how a team can be crucial to business success with a young baby. Sabina Hitchen of Press for Success and Sabina Knows shares her routines and relationships with Stacy Igel and Michelle Park. (Instagram:@sabinaknows ) In this episode:

  • How Michelle was bored first 3 months with her first baby, now with a second she has developed more of a routine
  • Michelle is learning ukulele and her baby loves ukulele!
  • Tough to come up with things too keep Michelle occupied
  • Why it’s worth being patient and waiting for things to work themselves out
  • Sabina’s supportive husband
  • How business life has changed for Sabina after having a baby
  • Why business is the same amount of work, plus taking care a baby
  • How did mom survive without technology?
  • Sabina has a team, and admitting she couldn’t fully run her business every day with a baby without the team

In this episode:

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