Suelyn Farel – Mom Journey – Monday
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Suelyn Farel – Mom Journey – Monday
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When identity shifts to business-first to mother, the challenge of adding a second child, helpful child rearing books, and when the 1st child doesn’t bond with the 2nd. Suelyn Farel, CEO/Co-Founder of the beauty and wellness company Julien Farel Group, shares her mom journey with Stacy Igel and Michelle Park. (Instagram: @suelynfarel) In this episode:

  • How Suelyn went from identifying only as a business-first go-getter to becoming a mother
  • Having a baby while running a business
  • Finding your footing as a parent of one and then having a second child
  • Some books that have helped Suelyn in raising two girls entering their teenage years
  • The challenges that Suelyn faced when her first daughter did not bond with her newborn sister
  • Suelyn’s #MOMSGOTTHIS Moment!

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