Suelyn Farel – Routines and Relationships – Tuesday
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Suelyn Farel – Routines and Relationships – Tuesday
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Finding schedule flexibility, when mom and dad are also business partners, why heading right back to work impacts the dynamic with colleagues and employees, and how kids can bring greater joy and inspiration in work. Suelyn Farel, CEO/Co-Founder of the beauty and wellness company Julien Farel Group, shares her mom routines and relationships with Stacy Igel and Michelle Park. (Instagram: @suelynfarel) In this episode:

  • Why Suelyn tries to maintain flexibility in her and her family’s schedules
  • The dynamics of running a business and raising a family as a husband-wife team
  • How having older children can police talking about work at home
  • Why Suelyn decided to head straight back to work and how that decision changed the dynamic with her and her staff
  • How having kids has made Suelyn find a deeper joy and inspiration in her daily work

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