Tracy Margolies - Products and Solutions - Wednesday
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Tracy Margolies - Products and Solutions - Wednesday
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Checking air quality in your home, the value of planning and keeping a tight calendar, making use of nap time to get things done, and the miracle of Tot Squad! Tracy Margolies, Chief Merchant for Saks Fifth Avenue, shares her mom products and solutions with Stacy Igel and Michelle Park. (@tmargolies on Instagram)

  • A battery operated smart indoor air quality detector, discovering radon
  • Tracy on being consistent and crazy about her calendar to know what to expect of your day
  • Planning
  • Making use of time when her son is sleeping, which she knows the times that will be
  • How Tracy's assistant keeps her on time
  • An amazing service that saved Tracy- when her son was sick in his stroller
  • Tot Squad - can pick up, clean, deliver the stroller
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