Kitchens and Remodeling Part 3 artwork
Move or Improve with Debbie

Kitchens and Remodeling Part 3

  • 23:49
  • May 9th 2021

Host Debbie Miller completes her discussion on kitchen remodeling and provides financing options to pay for the project. She will also talk about do-it-yourself vs hiring a professional and how to survive during the remodeling project.       [email protected]

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Move or Improve - Debbie Miller

Host Debbie Miller discusses relevant topics about housing issues and how the Sandwich or Boomer Generation can decide what works best for them. Should they age-in-place or move? If they move, where should they go; and if they stay, then what should they do? She draws on decades of experience in real estate, remodeling, and senior housing to provide solutions for all ages.

 Retirement, seniors housing, downsizing, baby boomers, sandwich generation, moving, remodeling, aging in place, adult children, multigenerational housing