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169 - Combat Brain Training - John Kennedy

  • E169
  • 57:34
  • May 25th 2022

Mindset is important to upgrading your work performance. So is time planning, and habits, and... all the things.

But, what if there is a tool that will help you improve your decision-making and execution of all those great ideas you plan to do.

It involves straining your brain just enough to start re-wiring it one step at a time using the insights from the world of neuroplasticity.

John Kennedy came up with an elegant solution to help military personnel, athletes, business creators, neurodivergent students, and those struggling with brain trauma, depression, or just plain want to improve personal and work performance.

It involves training the brain, combat style. He first created this approach for a low performing military platoon. They didn't stay low performing for long.

John Kennedy shares this story, and more insights about the brain, habits, and robust stimulation in this episode. And, stay tuned for future brain training sessions where John takes us through live combat brain training. You are welcome to join again if you have joined our sessions in the past.

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