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209 - Aspiring Despite the Push Back - Zoey McBee

  • E209
  • 24:45
  • August 8th 2023

Zoey McBee aspires to be president one day. She's recently finished high school and took a chance to share some of her aspirations, challenges, insights, and wisdom with me. She loves all things politics and women's issues, where they intertwine and where they don't.

Zoey shares some of the pushback she's experienced because of her age. After all, why would someone "so young" have any thoughts about the women's issues and politics going on in the world? She's encountered many opinions from her friends, classmates, judges, parents, and others. However, she embraces the differences, questions them and herself, and continues to proceed forward with her aspirations and goals.

I enjoyed speaking with Zoey. The conversation reminded me that most of us seek to figure out how we can serve in a way that resonates within, and on behalf of those we serve. And, that we must open our mouths and speak if we feel compelled to share regardless of what others think of us.

You don't have to be a certain age to do it. "Ageism" comes in many forms - to and from the young, old, and everything in between. I think our own minds are the worst perpetrators, holding us back from taking steps that we can take at any moment we decide the pain of growth is worth it.

I hope you tune in to listen to Zoey. Prepare to see her name in 20 years when you go to vote. She's planning on learning a few things between now and then so she can be your candidate!

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