212 - Creating the Spiritual Imagery - Kim Richards artwork
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212 - Creating the Spiritual Imagery - Kim Richards

  • E212
  • 52:02
  • September 5th 2023

None of your experience and efforts to pursue talent development and follow the spiritual nudges need to be a waste of time. Somehow, if you keep going, you can glance back to see where it has taken you and gain the courage to keep stepping forward to what is next.

Kim Richards is a designer - clothing, graphics, websites, learning, drawing, painting, and the list keeps growing. She's also a mother, a believer in a higher power, and possesses other skills she uses as a government contractor.

Kim shares insights into a special exhibit she's been working on and the journey she is on to create from the imagery that comes to her mind as she reads and contemplates scripture. It sounds like she has a new set of inspirations coming her way that we'll have to learn more about.

Her faith guides her through the challenging times and to give her the courage to step into creating the art that shows up in her mind that must be placed on canvas.

She's compelled to offer her best work, even when she doesn't want to. And she and her work are beautiful. Tune in to hear the conversation.

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