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Move Your Desk

Episode 165 - The Boss Relationship Framework

  • E165
  • 29:42
  • April 27th 2022

One of the most difficult work relationships can be the relationship with your boss.

Not always, but sometimes. Or, maybe frequently. Or, you just plain "always" have a bad boss.

So, right there I just made a few judgements without a lot of actual facts to prove that this is true.

This is how the mind works. Thinking something, believing it, and... behaving from the emotion that thinking produces.

For this episode, I pulled out a recording from one of my mini-courses to share how you show up with your boss differently if you are managing your thoughts and when you are not.

This isn't shallow positive thinking, or is it?

Take a listen. Notice the difference in outcomes from two specific thoughts that often occupy the same brain. Your brain. My brain. All the high performing brains out there.

Move Your Desk

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