Episode 166 - Helping Your Mental Health - Rebecca Jacklin artwork
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Episode 166 - Helping Your Mental Health - Rebecca Jacklin

  • E166
  • 51:55
  • May 4th 2022

May is Mental Health Awareness month.

But, I did not realize this when I had a conversation with Rebecca Jacklin LMSW this past week.

It's something that is an important part of offering up our best work, but often underestimated.

Mental health awareness is on the rise, and I am grateful to take pause to talk about it in a few episodes of this podcast.

Rebecca Jacklin shares her journey to becoming a therapist and insights from her life and work. In our college days, we both had a chance to work at the same drug and alcohol treatment center at a county jail. I had totally forgotten, but she was the Rebecca that replaced me when I went off to Washington, DC. Small world and I'm glad that we've gotten to re-connect.

Rebecca Jacklin shares the spiritual nudges, the work experiences, what to consider when finding a therapist, and how she feels about all the humans.

I truly enjoyed hearing from her and can't wait to have another conversation with her to learn more.

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