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Episode 168 - Interchangeable Humans

  • E168
  • 15:07
  • May 18th 2022

The industrial revolution brought great advancements in standards, processes, and production. You could work on an assembly line hour by hour and achieve great efficiency and productivity targets, as long as your machine cooperated.

Assembly line work was different than the craftsmanship required to create a unique piece of furniture. But, both created value in their own special way.

Today our world continues as a mixture of assembly lines and craftsmanship because products from both forms of creation meet our needs.

I've worked in situations where I was a mass producer of widgets (or boxes filled with breaded zucchini) and others where I got to share my insights and hone my crafts.

Most people I know, whether in white collar or blue collar identified work, must bring their knowledge, experiences, and insights to their work. Not just their bodies ability to perform mechanical movements.

It's ok to be a mass producer or a craftsman, but recognize the difference in yourself, those you lead, and those you work alongside. There is a difference in how the work gets done, especially for the person having to think through it.

Your ability, insights, thinking approaches, and experiences are valuable. They are also one of a kind. No one can replace what you offer.

So, it's worth paying attention to whether or not you are viewed as an interchangeable human on the job. Maybe that's the job. And, maybe you are fine with that right now.

But, maybe you are not. And, you get to inform, educate, or leave the people that pay you for what you do.

Either way, it's worth remembering that others are just like you. Not interchangeable. Not the same. Not a body to fill a space, or treat like an interchangeable part.

Seth Godin has been sharing the message for years that the days of industrial revolution approaches are diminishing. It's time for us to start (or keep) sharing what we are uniquely positioned to offer the world while allowing others to do the same.

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