Episode 178 - Toxic Positivity and Deep Conversations artwork
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Episode 178 - Toxic Positivity and Deep Conversations

  • E178
  • 12:53
  • August 7th 2022

Are you pretending things are ok?

Are you uncomfortable when the conversation turns sideways on the conference call?

You rush to smooth over the disturbance and quickly make sure it's not a detriment to moving the work forward. And, to save others from feeling all the feelings about it? Or, at least try to do so?

It's actually slowing down the work more than you may realize, and inhibiting others from saying what may need to be said.

Toxic Positivity is rampant in parts of our cultures - towns, families, churches, and...of course work.

You can argue that there is a lot of bullying as well. But, we aren't talking about that today.

I share my concerns about it in this episode, and how I'm dealing with it in parts of my life and work.

It takes some time to realize that it is happening, and then what to do about it if you are a person that would rather go into the deeper conversations.

With the deeper conversations you have to take risks. Some of those risks will set you back. Some of them will propel you forward. Keep taking them.

We all wear masks, though some are thicker and worn more often than others. And, some of us may have a closet full of masks that are pulled out to deal with a variety of audiences.

Maybe it's time to start removing one of them toward building deeper trust and empathy that leads toward higher fulfillment and better outcomes.

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