Episode 179 - Feeling all the Pain artwork
Move Your Desk

Episode 179 - Feeling all the Pain

  • E179
  • 16:09
  • December 10th 2023

Trying to avoid pain is normal.

You and I do it all the time with things like food, drugs, drinking, gambling, and the list goes on.

Sometimes we even do it with learning, information hording, and working. Working is one of my drugs of choice. All wrapped up in this addiction is the possibility of positive outcomes (sometimes).

All of it used as an effort to not think or feel the pain that might be festering inside.

If you learn more about pain, and how it can serve you, it becomes important to allow it and go all in to feel it... instead of trying to avoid or suppress it.

It feels worse to go about resolving life issues in this way, but it actually shortens the process and allows you to move forward faster.

I'm trying it right now. It's not the good part yet, but I know it will be worth it.

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