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Episode 181 - Old Tricks, New Dogs

  • E181
  • 32:36
  • September 29th 2023

Can you teach an old dog a new trick?

It's been asked quite a bit. And, of course it is possible.

More interesting for some of us is noticing the dilemma of working through old tricks with new dogs.

In the workplace, this can show up as a constant stream of bright and shiny ideas.

This may not be a problem, unless no one is listening to the prior lessons. And, applying the tweaks to make the next iteration better.

It's hard being in 2022. A lot of ideas are available. And, a lot of people have already tried them.

It's not that we shouldn't keep trying. Experimenting is part of the process of inventing and innovating.

Listening, however, is not as abundant. And, remembering (or seeking insights) from corporate memory is just as rare.

History tends to repeat itself. Lots of new dogs are playing the same tricks that have gone on since...well, whenever time started.

People really haven't changed that much.

True, there is new technology.

The Interesting twist, however, is that most people alive now have quite a bit of experience with technology even if they are upwards of 80 years old.

There are new combinations of ideas that have never been tried before, but there are also combinations that fade away because they are no longer useful.

All of the changes, all of the patterns, all of the repeating that is part of life.

Remember to embrace it all - the old tricks and the few new, as well as all the dogs old and new. Your job is to listen, think, and combine them in ways that serve you and those you serve.

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