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Move Your Desk

Episode 182 - Do Beautiful

  • E182
  • 33:12
  • October 2nd 2022

"Do Beautiful"

This is a phrase that I've been hearing a lot at work. It sounded good at first, and then it started to annoy me. Especially when it seemed to replace doing the hard work of creating solid content, sharing good data, and thoughtfully analyzing and providing solutions.

However, I've been having a change of heart. A change of heart that is coming about as I've discovered my personal pain related to this topic. And, through the discomfort I'm learning to make some changes to improve myself and show up better for those that I am here to serve.

This episode is for those that put taking care of their personal appearance and health a little lower on the personal priority list. And, think that is ok.

Attractiveness matters. Self care matters. Maybe the divas are on to something with making this part of life a priority.

For me, it's uncomfortable to talk about these topics. But, I'm stepping into the discomfort and hopeful that some of you will too.

The journey will take time. It will take money. It will take effort. The same level of effort that some of us put into our degrees, certifications, and other learning.

Some of us are lucky to have family and friends that help us on the journey - providing tips, insights, and sometimes gift certificates, to help us get a head start on taking care of this vessel that helps us offer up our best work.

Move Your Desk

This podcast is for anyone that knows they haven’t yet found and offered up their best work, but are compelled to seek it out and do it.

Rebecca Clark shares stories and practical approaches to life and leveling up at work. And, nudges that encourage you to act on the inner inklings to create and offer up your best self.

Periodically, she interviews amazing individuals that are already in the pursuit of self-improvement.

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