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Move Your Desk

Episode 200 - Hitting Milestone 200

  • E200
  • 30:52
  • April 19th 2023

Well, another milestone is in the books.

I'm proud of this one.

It's one of those personal accomplishments that can't be measured by a degree, certificate, grade, or trophy. But, the feeling you have of knowing that you pursued, overcame, enjoyed, and... have something to show for it.

As listeners know, I have always wanted to share for that one listener. Even if that one listener is me.

It's still a small podcast. I've had over 30,000 downloads over the past three years. But, honestly, I didn't find out that fact until today when my service added another piece of data. I can only see what countries have listeners and what they are listening from (mostly Amazon and Apple podcasts).

This episode is a reflection on the journey between 1 and 200.

I hope you take a listen. I'm going to keep doing this because it brings a secret happiness to my soul.

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Periodically, she interviews amazing individuals that are already in the pursuit of self-improvement.

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