Episode 201 - Seeking Truth artwork
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Episode 201 - Seeking Truth

  • E201
  • 32:13
  • April 26th 2023

Speaking to women at the gym about a plant based diet and faith.

Talking to a family member about the carnivore diet, and another about the benefits of sauna.

Meeting at the bus stop with neighbors of the Muslim faith tradition. Using phone apps to translate conversations with the grandparents visiting from China, at the same bus stop.

Talking to friends, reading books, listening to the podcasts, and watching all the YouTube videos. This doesn't even include the coaching, classes, and college/school that most of us have access to in the here and now.

Lots of information, insights, and...beliefs.

So, how do you separate fact from fiction in it all?

I don't have all the answers. But, I do keep testing my mind to see if it is closed, opened, or somewhere in between. And, exploring those parts of it that I want to change and beliefs that I want to keep because they seem to be serving me (and those I serve) pretty well.

I brought on a young learner to share a few thoughts in this episode. He's exploring religion right now, though you didn't quite get to hear all the insights. Turns out the camera is too much of a temptation and half the profound thoughts stay in the head because seeing yourself live on the computer is just more fun. Still, it gives a glimpse into the realities we all face.

How do you know what is true?

What data can you trust?

Do you have personal practices you use to weight, balance, and test the beliefs you hear about and those you choose to follow?

It's an ongoing process.

I just encourage you to keep seeking and thinking in the process.

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