Episode 202 - Scott Mathews - ChatGPT artwork
Move Your Desk

Episode 202 - Scott Mathews - ChatGPT

  • E202
  • 1:05:23
  • May 3rd 2023

Have you tried out ChatGPT?

Though I used to try to experiment with new technologies and associated tools and approaches, I'm delayed.

But, my friend Scott Mathews is on it.

Scott and I worked together a while ago. He says he's retired now, but each time I talk to him he's in another course, volunteering somewhere around town or delving into some kind of research.

He wrote a scenario for this episode because he wanted to walk/talk through the questions and responses that he is getting with ChatGPT related to someone going out and searching for a job after being out of practice.

We share a few insights and stories along the way.

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