Episode 203 - Exploring Health - Barbara Christensen artwork
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Episode 203 - Exploring Health - Barbara Christensen

  • E203
  • 1:17:31
  • May 10th 2023

About 10 years ago, I met Barbara Christensen through a mutual friend online.

This podcast recording was the first time that we ever spoke face-to-face, even though I've taken her advice, purchased health products from her, and have read some of her books.

We covered a wide range of topics related to health - mental health, healing, aromatherapy, coaching, micronutrients, energy, and helping others through their journey.

Barbara is generous in sharing her knowledge. No matter what topic we turned to, she whipped out insights and wisdom that can be immediately applied to your mental and physical health regiment.

I truly enjoyed this conversation and am excited to share with you someone that has helped me work through health challenges over the past few years.

Connect with her on the following sites:

YouTube: @BarbaraChristensen




Instragram @PaeloVegeo or @MindsetUnicorn

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