Episode 204 - Embracing Your Strengths - Lisa Gregory artwork
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Episode 204 - Embracing Your Strengths - Lisa Gregory

  • E204
  • 46:30
  • May 15th 2023

It can be a lifetime pursuit to figure out what you best offer the world.

Sometimes you are rewarded well for your hard work. So, you (or others) can assume that whatever you were doing must be the highest value you offer. For some, this may be true. For others of us, there's a journey to uncover what we've hidden for so long just to get a job done.

Lisa Gregory, is an executive coach. She's masterful at helping leaders (and their teams) figure out their strengths. And, learning to own them.

This process isn't for the faint of heart. It requires new ways of looking at who you are, and trusting that as you show up to use this knowledge about yourself...that you will step into your best work. And, help those you serve do the same.

Lisa Gregory shares insights about confident vulnerability, strengths finding, the four human needs, and how strengths compares to skills.

I hope you take a listen. Lisa also shared insights in Episode 43 about confident vulnerability in leadership.

Thank you Lisa. As always, so many great insights to further ponder.

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