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211 - The Loneliness of Diversity

  • E211
  • 11:55
  • August 30th 2023

The bus stop is now an essential part of my day.

It's the one moment, twice daily, where I feel a sense of community. Or, since it is the beginning of a new year, a newly forming community because it's a mixture of old friends and a lot of new additions to the mix.

The diversity is a complex mixture of people from Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Europe, and the Americas. Maybe Antarctica and Australia will come along soon! There are also a few languages in the mix. And people from four years old to their mid-70s. Add to this the types of work, interests, religion, and physical appearance of everyone and there is quite an interesting group!

Still, this week I looked around and saw a person or two that looked a bit separated from the crowd, and lonely. Though I'm the person (self-designated) to communicate and help everyone connect as best I can, I will still make my rounds to meet everyone. It just took one interaction for it all to change. A couple didn't know English, and another was just new to the neighborhood. The one interaction helped them slowly progress out of their shell and interact with others or... at least sit a little closer to the crowd.

It brought up a thought in my mind about the loneliness in diversity. Sometimes there is just so much diversity that it can be overwhelming, especially if you feel like you aren't able to fully express your personality or feel safe yet. In those moments, you really want sameness or familiarity to get your courage and confidence up.

This episode is just a nudge to embrace both diversity and sameness. Recognize what you need and where you might want to challenge yourself. If you have a problem with being around a diverse set of people, take a step toward one of them to learn more. If you embrace diverse people and opportunities at the expense of interacting with those that ground you... maybe take some time to interact with the familiar.

Also important is being aware of when you are the person that can help bring everyone together. In my neighborhood it was interesting to see that was made possible, partially because people with different languages were willing to interact, make mistakes, and allow onlookers to find joy from the imperfectly perfect communications.

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