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Breaking Through the Glass Ceiling | Mandy Cavanaugh

  • E178
  • 41:34
  • July 28th 2021

In many areas around the world, women still struggle to reach the same level as their male counterparts. Even in the western world, we just celebrated the election of the first female Vice President of the United States. Yet there is an ever increasing number of women in the workplace. It’s time for us as leaders to recognize this inequity and help women to reach the levels which they deserve. 

Mandy Cavanaugh’s passion for leadership, entrepreneurship, and helping people thrive has fueled her roles as CEO, consultant, and facilitator. Her businesses have spanned global lodging logistics, land development, manufacturing, corporate leadership seminars, and turnaround consulting. 

Mandy succeeds in highly competitive environments by connecting each of her team members to their best future self. She holds various coaching certifications and has conducted seminars on high performance, authentic success, conscious language, imagination activation, conflict resolution, corporate soul retrieval, CEO-ship for start-ups, sales, team building, and wealth wisdom for women.


During this interview Mandy and I discuss the following topics:

  • Her thoughts on the first female US vice president being elected
  • The importance of balancing masculine and feminine energy 
  • How enable feminine perspective to come out from our people
  • The inspiration behind her book 
  • Leadership struggles that female leaders face
  • How female leaders can use their famine energy and get taken seriously

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