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The Miraculous Power of Forgiveness" by Azim Khamisa

  • E28
  • 32:14
  • February 11th 2020

Azim Khamisa is an author,a social, peace activist,a thoughtful leader, and inspirational speaker.

 He earns his reputation after his 20-year-old son, Tariq, was gun down when he was delivering pizzas in January 1995 by Tony Hicks, a 14-year-old gang member, in a random act of gang violence. Out of unspeakable grief and despair, he was inspired to transform his loss through the miraculous power of forgiveness. Believing that there were “victims at both ends of the gun,” Azim forgave Tony and founded the Tariq Khamisa Foundation to break the

cycle of youth violence by saving lives, teaching peace, and planting seeds of hope in their future. One month after establishing the foundation, he invited Ples Felix, Tony’s grandfather and guardian, to join him. Together since November 1995, both men have reached half a million elementary, middle, and high school students and many more millions through social media, television, radio and print interviews, guiding the youth to choose a peacemaker’s life of non-violence and forgiveness.

Azim has given over 1,000 presentations to over a million students worldwide and has served as TKF's founder and chairperson for over 23 years. 

He is the author of four books and has been featured countless times in local, national and international media. In 2017.  

I was Able to meet Azim Khamisa in one of the Rotary international conference in Las Veges, I found out Azim was born in Kenya, Africa. and grow up in Uganda during Idda Amen and educated in England in mathematics. They were able to flew Uganda to USA in early seventy hoping to get a better education for their children.

He has over 45 years of experience as a successful international investment banker.

Azim provides an external business perspective to the governance and operations

of TKF. He has committed his life to halting the continuing cycle of violence among youth.

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